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The Direction of Change

The Direction of Change

The great thing about change is that it can come from anywhere and from any voice. Change is truly agnostic, as it pertains to its origins. But when it comes, it has one thing in common: it sets a new direction.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the new direction is radically different than the previous course. Sometimes the changes are more corrective, like the small corrections on a steering wheel. Sometimes the change is more fundamental, like a new technology (smartphone) that reshapes how we communicate.

The school environment is saturated in cultures that have persisted for decades. Some of these cultures, like academic excellence, are positive. One of the problems that few teachers will debate is that the shifting norms of society are pressing down on the classroom teacher through the pressure exerted on their students to perform, to adapt to technological change and do so amid the distractions of a pop culture.

Edfiniti is designed to change how teachers interact with students and one another. This change came from a middle school in Fargo, North Dakota. It came from a teacher who used his observational skills and heart intelligence to engineer a better way to assess, monitor and intervene in the behaviors of students.

It’s change. Maybe a small one. But one that could have profound implications for student achievement and school culture elevation.

Edfiniti Founders
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