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A platform for change

Key Features

Secure Data

All data is HIPPA and FERPA secure, and stored in triplicate server locations.

Real-time Monitoring

Takes less than 10 seconds to record the behavior.

Data-Driven Decisions

The platform provides teachers with interventions based on what works.

The classroom is changing. We’re partners in making this change possible.

The Edfiniti Platform. Bringing Theory into Practice.

The Edfiniti Mobile Assessment Platform (MAP) is an iOS/web mobile app that opens up the space to have data-driven conversations about student behavior. Not only does it authenticate these conversations with real-time data, but this data can be used to guide the conversations and decisions about student behavior with educator teams, administrators and even parents.


Edfiniti is a Mobile Assessment Platform (MAP) that empowers teachers to make clear and objective observations of student behaviors. This improved observational insight allows teachers to assess student behaviors and advocate for students to ensure that they receive the appropriate assistance or intervention.


Edfiniti MAP is a behavioral “lens” that allows teachers to objectively log, identify trends and patterns, and really bring behavior to a positive norm within the classroom.


With Edfiniti, teachers can easily document classroom observations. Teachers use MAP on an iPod, iPad or laptop and find the category of behavior (from three choices), and then select options from a drop-down menu. The process is easy (takes 5 seconds) and provides guardrails on the MTSS process.


Teachers build their confidence in identifying student behavioral issues more accurately and knowing what interventions or accommodations are working. After a few days of use, it easily becomes a part of a teacher’s daily routine.


Student privacy is the core component on which Edfiniti MAP is built. No student data is available unless an approved teacher or administrator logs in. Student data is protected in a HIPAA compliant server. All blended data that is shared for reporting or analytical purposes by Edfiniti, is anonymized. No student name appears that is associated with data.

This solution provides immediate benefits in the following areas:

Objective measurement of student behavior

Research-based behavioral categorization

Implementation of MTSS and RtI with fidelity

Comprehensive student behavioral data profile

Data-Driven decision making based on comprehensive student profiles

Proprietary behavior monitoring IP based on 15 years of classroom experience collecting, monitoring and assessing data.

Immediate data analysis reports

Expedited collaborative efforts based on data analysis reports

Built in schedule for required MTSS or RtI Team meetings

Real-time administrative overview of student population

To Elevate the Utility and Fidelity of the Platform

Utilize Data