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About Us

Creating data-driven conversations

Who We Are…

The Edfiniti Mobile Assessment Platform (MAP) enables data-driven conversations about student behavior between all stakeholders.

Edfiniti was the vision of Matthew Myrold and Frederick Weiss, both of whom are special education teachers in the Fargo, North Dakota area. The issue they had was the paper and pencil solution was inconsistent, created overly complex and time consuming data analysis, and lent itself to subjective behavioral assessments that were widely different from teacher to teacher.

Developing the vision, Mr. Myrold and Mr. Weiss created the system of behavioral monitoring, assessment, and intervention with granularity and finesse, rooted in the real world of the classroom. Over a three-year period of time, the content of the system was tested out with students and teachers; they persistently sought research-based best practices and referenced behavior criteria set forth in federal mandates. Having established solid constructs which objectively approached ambiguous identification terminology, they sought out a technical team to help them take the tested content into the digital world.

Myriad Mobile, one of the leading mobile development firms in the world, listened to the founders’ vision and helped guide the solution. Putting its best team of architects, strategists, designers and engineers, they worked with Edfiniti to produce a cutting-edge platform that integrated with an iOS mobile app and administrative web portal.

It is a synthesis of special educators with 15 years of classroom experience and a collection of technologists combining their skills to create a platform that can service K-12 schools all across the country.

The classroom is changing. We’re partners in making this change possible.


Matthew Myrold

President, Edfiniti Co-Founder

Matthew Myrold, 2015 Fargo Public Schools Teacher of the Year and 2016 North Dakota Teacher of the Year Finalist, is a special education teacher that has spent the past 14 years working with at-risk learners. He has created unique learning environments for students by focusing on social and emotional wealth; and he firmly believes that once a student’s self-esteem and physiological needs are nourished, learning occurs organically. He has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and is currently finishing his Ph. D. in Educational Foundations and Research at the University of North Dakota. He chooses to approach each new day with a servant’s heart and has spent his entire career guiding adolescents during a critical chapter of their lives known as the middle school years.


Having had the privilege of serving this wonderful population of students, he
conceptualized and designed a method that allows students to examine their personal behaviors and work towards positive change.

Fred Weiss

Chief Product Officer, Edfiniti Co-Founder

Licensed Special Educator, working with students receiving service for Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as Emotional Behavioral Disabilities. He has worked with at-risk behavioral students for 4 years. He studied both Psychology and Art at Concordia College in Moorhead, earning a bachelors degree in both. Eventually he found his calling in education, earning his Master’s in a cross-categorical program of Special Education at Grand Canyon University while working as a paraprofessional in Mr. Myrold’s classroom. This facilitated the practical application mindset he brings to Edfiniti; while studying research-based, best practices he was able to filter theories through both Mr. Myrold’s experience and the first hand observations and lessons he was learning.


His path is marked by two generations of educators which come before him. His scientific and creative undergraduate work coupled with his desire for positive solutions highlight his instinct to critically deconstruct, identify, and formulate projected outcomes. He is driven by his passion; to have a positive influence on not only his students but colleagues and the system which he works in.